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The Vibes With James Maslow!!

We’re back with a brand new episode of The Vibes for you today, and get ready, because we sat down with the one, the only, James Maslow!

Having just won the Macy’s Rising Star award, the former Big Time Rush member talked to us about not only his time with the band, but how he’s evolved into the solo artist he is now.

Turns outs– it was actually James’ mom who originally got him into music after she threw him into a children’s choir when he was just a kid.

“I was a little dude who grew up, like, surfing and skating and playing sports, and so for the first week or two, I absolutely hated it…But then what’s crazy is a couple of weeks into it, I turned around and was like, no, I wanna go back to it.”

Thank god he did.

When talking to James, we covered everything from his craziest fan experience to whether or not he’s single– and guess what ladies, you’re in luck. Turns out the singer isn’t taken yet, so hey, maybe you’ve got a shot.

And as for that crazy fan experience? Let’s just say it involved an elevator, a lot of dedication, and a little bit of luck.

Check out our full episode of The Vibes with James Maslow to find out all the details!


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