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The Vibes With Keith Powers!

Welcome back to our brand new episode of The Vibes where we got to sit down with actor, Keith Powers.

If you’re unsure who Keith is, then you’re sleeping on some serious talent, but not to worry because we’re definitely not.

We asked Keith all about how he manages to live his life while balancing a crazy work schedule full of shooting movies and multiple television shows. Turns out, it’s rare he even wants times time off.

Oh yea, and we also had to ask about that one time he actually managed to make Dr. Dre’s mom cry with his performance in Straight Outta Compton.

“I didn’t even know she cried from my performance until Dr. Dre told me she did. He said that she cried when she watched it and when he told me that I was like, mission complete, it doesn’t matter if the movie did good or not, I did all I could do.”

We’d have to agree that moving someone that much would be the bigger accomplishment for us too.

Check out our full episode of The Vibes to find out what’s next for Keith!