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The Vibes With Liane V & Don Benjamin!

What is up guys?! We are back with a hot new episode of The Vibes for you all, and this time it’s a two for one because we’ve got both Liane V and Don Benjamin!

We caught up with the Influencer power couple on set for their newest music video for their song, No One, which just dropped this past weekend exclusively on rivnow.com right here. Shout out to Riveting Entertainment for bringing us along by the way, we appreciate you big time!

NEW @itsdonbenjamin feat @lianev No One music video exclusively on @rivnow

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When talking to Liane and Don we had to ask what their inspiration behind the shoot was, and like all good things, it turns out that it was the 90s.

“We kinda wanted to do a 90s, early 2000s, hip hop vibe– Like the Ja Rule [and] Ashanti days.”

Sounds like the perfect combination to us.

The two of them have been crazy busy creating content lately, and despite having their plates totally full, they seem to have their working relationship in sync with their personal one. Turns out that their YouTube channel is all about having fun, while music is when it gets more serious, which ultimately makes complete sense.

Check out our full episode of The Vibes with Liane V and Don Benjamin to get all the inside scoop!

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    My fav couple ❤️

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