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The Vibes W/ Sam Tsui & Live Performance of “Trust” !!

We’re back! That’s right we got another all-new episode of The Vibes with Sam Tsui!

On this episode, we switched up our set and took it to the water, I think once you see it, you’ll understand why. Our girl Hayley Delaine sat down with Youtube Musician and Artist Sam Tsui. This has been a big year for Sam, he dropped his first official album, “Trust” and has been creating videos for each of the songs on the album.

We had a chance to chat with Sam right before he dropped his new video for the song “Clumsy” which is one of the songs on his new album. You can go check out that video right here!

Can you guess who Sam said is one of his biggest musical inspirations?!

Don’t miss our full episode of The Vibes with Sam Tsui right now!


Sam also graced us with a live rendition of his song “Trust” Check it out:




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