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VidCon 2018 PT.3 Feat. Adelaine Morin, Sam & Alyssa, Nick Antonyan & More.

VidCon 2018, we just can’t get enough of you.

We caught up with more content creators at this year’s VidCon convention and we want to share what we found out! Hayley sat down with Nick Antonyan; comedian, writer and content creator to find out how he got into the social scene. With more than 117k subscribers on YouTube, Nick says he met digital star David Dobrik on a random day while filming an Instagram clip.

Since that first day Nick and David have been best buds with Nick now focusing on YouTube and his web series ‘Road to Comedy’ to David buying him his dream car? “Did you just get a new car?” asked Hayley; “Yes a BMW M3.” Check out the interview below to try and figure out where we can find friends like David…

Content creators and adorable couple, Sam & Alyssa met on social media. Yes, not only are the YouTubers with a shared channel of 166k subscribers social creators but Alyssa slid in Sam’s DM right on Instagram. A true social media love story. It’s always a more special chat on the couch when this is the creator’s very first time at VidCon. The girls share their come up stories; from Tumblr to YouTube, creating videos together and what they like about each other the most. “I like the fact that she really is hardworking, we both have jobs outside of YouTube and she really does work really hard,” says Alyssa. Sam’s favorite thing about Alyssa; “I like her butt.” Watch the full interview below.

Andy Lalwani will steal your heat and never give it back. His uplifting and comedic personality will have you wanting to watch his educational, funny and inspiring videos on his YouTube channel or on his favorite media Instagram.

He loves Converses and creating videos about LGBT awareness, higher education and “things that aren’t portrayed right in the media and we really need to talk about them more in more households and family dinners.” Andy opens up about how he got into YouTube and how his advice to other aspiring creators is to never stop believing. “When I was coming out I would google what is gay? Is it contagious? And I found that people just had blogs and they made video content and were just like me.” Check out this interview before Hayley and Andy run off to get food…when you’re having this much fun you might forget to eat.

Adelaine Morin gets real on the couch admitting that VidCon is great but it can be overwhelming and that when she started her YouTube channel, she was too embarrassed to tell anyone. With over 2 million subscribers, Adelaine is the queen of beauty and comedy videos. “What’s your favorite kind of content to make?” I really like being creative with make up I think that’s really fun and then just Vlogs, Vlogs are my favorite thing to film as well,”  says Adelaine. Her advice to young girls joining YouTube? “Don’t get caught up in the drama.” Oh oh, maybe later you can tell us the tea. Check out the video below.

We also got a chance to sit down with Carly and Martina and hear all about their latest single and how they came to be social media stars. Check it out!

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