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VidCon 2018 PT.2 Feat. Ashley Nicole, Rebecca Zamolo & More.

The Yellow couch was on fire during this year’s VidCon Convention in Anaheim, California.

Our girl Hayley sat down with YouTuber Sarah Croce who’s Vlog channel entertains more than 73k subscribers and is described as “funny, educational, and slightly self-deprecating,” by Sarah herself.

Sarah’s explains that she actually hopped on YouTube right when the platform first took off as she was finding a place for her web series. She didn’t know the impact it would have on the world and today she is at VidCon as an active and popular digital star. Croce describes her Les-bros, Les-baes and community in general (her nickname for her fans) as her favorite part of it all. “Community is so important in this world and there are so many people that feel isolated that social media has changed that you can actually have a community and you don’t have to be somewhere that you’re uncomfortable.” Check out the interview below and yes…Sarah’s eyes are real.

Savannah Brymer also hit the couch to chat vlogging and car accidents? Yes, the YouTuber with more than 260k subscribers ( https://www.youtube.com/user/SavannahOfficial1/videos) was involved in a car accident while on her way from San Diego to VidCon in Anaheim. But nothing was going to stop her from her first time at VidCon as accidents are not a rare occurrence for Brymer. “I love my Drive With Me[s], I’ve gotten into a car accident while filming a Drive With Me so it’s just like a never ending thing,” said Savannah when asked what is her favorite content to make. Watch the full interview below.

Hayley also invited Rebecca Zamolo for a little chat about her YouTube channel with over 3.7 million subscribers and what she’s up to next. The family-friendly channel features 24-hour challenges, DIY’s and gymnastics. Rebecca’s big smile and happy spirit is contagious throughout this interview. She talks about her new merch which she brought to VidCon, having her fans of over 1.5 million followers on Instagram pick her hair color and her vlogs on Matt and Rebecca; the YouTube channel (over 1M subs) she shares with her husband documenting their partnership. Check out Zamolo below.

“I’m an avid VidConer,” says Ashley Nichole who sits with Delaine with more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. “You’ve been doing a lot of traveling, what’s your favorite place that you’ve been,” asks Hayley. “The most recent one was Greece but I think my favorite one was Japan solely for the food, I ate ramen every single day.” So what’s Nichole’s favorite fan experience? When fans ask about her dog…how selfless and cute is that?? Watch the interview below and make sure to ask Ashley about her dog Chloe next time you see her!

Pynk Le’Monade is the pop/soul girl group and social media influencers who have capture our hearts with 2.2 million subs on the app Musical.ly. Hayley caught up with the girls who were fresh off the stage performing their first original song ever! The teenage stars shared their upcoming plans which consist of an EP, music videos and going on tour. They also talk to Hayley about their music idols which consist of Beyonce, BTS, Jessie J and Bob Marley. Yes the girls have versatile tastes in music. Check out the video below as the girls reveal how they got their name ‘Pynk Le’Monade.’

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