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The Drama Continues: VidCon’s Press Release About Mobs And More

It’s already been a few days since VidCon and the drama is still swirling around. Last night VidCon issued an official press release addressing some of the incidents that happened at this year’s VidCon.

The first issue addressed was creators getting kicked out. Creators have been kicked out and banned from VidCon before (like Sam Pepper and Danny Duncan). This year, Elijah Daniel, from comedy duo Elijah and Christine, got asked to leave VidCon and was escorted out of the Anaheim hotel he was staying at. All of the FaZe guys, RiceGum, WolfieRaps, George Janko, and Mark Dohner were all kicked out this year as well. Logan Paul says he was kicked out but wasn’t sure. After seeing the mega mob he created though, it’s almost certain that he will not be back in Anaheim next year.

VidCon says that the reason these creators were asked to leave was for security purposes. A lot of these creators created huge mobs of people that required security intervention. Most of them are vloggers and caught footage of security cutting their wristbands and asking them to leave.

They all protest the fact that they are there to meet the fans and that it’s ironic that they are being kicked out as creators, but when you see the swarm of kids and people getting hurt, you can understand VidCon’s decisions. There are some really young kids at these events and it’s a liability for them.

The next issue addressed in the press release was harassment. There was a harassment panel at VidCon called “Women Online” that featured creators such as Alli Speed, Ahsante Bean, and Anita Sarkeesian. Sarkeesian has been the target of harassment for a long time due to her  outspoken feminism and her “Feminist Frequency” blog and channel. She was one of the people at the center of the “GamerGate” controversy in 2014 where she was sent threats of rape and death. She was even sent a bomb threat when she was set to receive an award in San Francisco. Since then she has made it a point to be outspoken about her opinions, especially misogyny on the internet.

During this panel, according to the release by VidCon, a group of men lead by Sargon of Akkad (aka Carl Benjamin) took up the first three rows of the venue. This lead to Sarkeesian addressing him and calling him “human garbage”. She lamented the fact that she had to give him attention but she felt the need to call him out. Many people have taken her side in this issue but many others have defended Benjamin. They say that she violated the “no harassment” policy and that she should have been removed. VidCon does address this fact and said that they did pull her aside and told her that she did violate the policy, on the other hand, they also apologized for not being more aware of the harassment and intimidation that was happening.

All in all, it sounds like VidCon was full of drama this year! Here’s hoping next year goes smoother for everyone involved.