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VidCon US Announces The Next Wave of Featured Creators For 10th Annual Event

Kat Blaque, Rickey Thompson, and Jason Nash are just a few of the talented creators being featured at the 10th annual VidCon US in July 2019.

VidCon is turning 10 and they are celebrating by highlighting some of the most gifted content creators in the industry.  Tons of familiar faces are being featured like The Foursome’s Rickey Thompson, entertainer Jason Nash, and activist-vlogger Kat BlaqueThere will be tons of featured creators on show. VidCon Executive Producer Julia Maes shared that the conference wanted to highlight a diverse array of dynamic individuals.

“We look forward to spotlighting voices who will make VidCon US programming vibrant, fun and representative of the diverse online video community. The team is very excited for the likes of Rickey Thompson, Simone Giertz, and Kat Blaque to make their VidCon debut as well as host Mitchell Davis and Ian Hecox, who attended the first-ever VidCon 10 years ago,” Julia Maes shared.

The “community festival, creator conference, and industry summit” will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, from July 10th-13th.

Head to the VidCon US official website to purchase your tickets.  The event is sure to be extra special as the convention is turning double digits!

The full list of featured creators include:

Alisha Marie

Rickey Thompson

Madilyn Bailey

Jason Nash

Ian Hecox (SMOSH)

Simone Giertz

Matt Steffanina

Emmy Cho

Dianna Cowern (Physics Girl)

Ash Hardell



JC Caylen

Stevin John (Blippi)

Kat Blaque

Jack Conte

Sebastián Villalobos

Daniela Calle (Calle & Poché)

Maria Jose Garzon (Calle & Poché)

Mitchell Davis (Livelavalive)

Mykie (Glam&Gore)

Next Town Down

Jessica McCabe



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