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Is Vine Rising From The Dead?

It looks like some things never die, and Vine might in fact just end up being one of them.

We bet all those people who so confidently exclaimed that Vine was dead are kicking themselves right now, because Dom Hofmann, the founder of the original 6 second video platform that initially launched YouTubers like the Paul brothers and the Dolan twins, just Tweeted out this–

That’s right, we’ve got Vine 2.0 coming our way.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Dom’s plan to revive Vine. In fact just last week he tweeted out how he was working on funding a follow up to the app on his own dime.

No details have been released at all about what exactly a Vine 2 would even mean, but we’re already seeing some some familiar faces ready to relive their former glory days.

What do you guys think? Is Vine 2 gonna be a hit or should we not try and mess with the legacy that it left behind? Let us know!


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