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Virgil Abloh Drops Gems For Young And Aspiring Creatives

Off-White CEO and founder Virgil Abloh dishes out career advice for up and coming creatives.

Louis Vuitton artistic director and Off-White CEO Virgil Abloh sat down with menswear site MR PORTER and dropped knowledge that creatives in any field or stage of their career should take heed to.  He shared that hard work is key when it comes to achieving success.

 “As a creative, you’re always fighting against not having any ideas.”

He does acknowledge the lucky few that find overnight success but urges artists not to depend on that happening.  Instead, you should embrace the journey toward your ultimate goal whether it’s difficult or not.

  A shortcut only happens by chance, you can’t bank on it.  I believe that coincidence is key, but coincidence is energies coming towards each other. You have to be moving to meet it.”

But shortcuts don’t include asking for help, collaborating with others, or building a team which Virgil believes is actually better than going at it alone.

“‘Two heads are better than one’ is something I firmly believe in. Collaboration is what happens with everyone in my offices and I believe in extending that outwards. I look for someone that has an authentic voice that, together, we could make something that we couldn’t make individually.”

He also reiterated a popular phrase that states if you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

“Your passion becomes your occupation, then you never work a day in your life. I never think of things as one thing or the other. It’s like ‘do both.’” 

The designer teamed up with MR PORTER to release his latest “Modern Office” collection on January 21st.  The 44-piece men’s collection features sneakers, accessories, tops, and bottoms and ranges in price from $60 to $1,440.


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