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The Vlog Brothers Hank Green Charts YouTube Evolution Through The Years

Hank Green of The Vlog Brothers recently uploaded a YouTube video that took a look at each of their channel iterations throughout their channel’s lifespan.

By using the Wayback Machine, Hank was able to dig into the internet’s archives and see snapshots of what their YouTube Channel looked like throughout the past decade. It is an amazing peek into the different types of layouts the platform rolled out as they expanded into the behemoth they are today. Check out the different versions YouTube went through below:

The Vlog Brothers recently hit the 3,000,000 subscriber mark, and uploaded their 1,500th video. And if you weren’t aware, they are kind of a big deal. In addition to their multiple YouTube channels including Crash Course and SciShow, John and Hank are the brains behind VidCon and Project for Awesome.  They also started crowdfunding site Subbable which was later acquired by Patreon. Individually, John Green is an acclaimed novelist having written numerous titles including Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars, both of which were adapted to film. Hank founded the site EcoGeek and is co-creator of webseries The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. He invented 2-D glasses (which converts 3-D movies into 2-D) and is also completing his first novel.