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Vlogger Philwaukee Is Changing The Face Of Traveling

Vlogger Philwaukee Is Changing The Face Of Traveling

Phil Calvert, better known by his social media handle Philwaukee, made history earlier this year as the first African-American man to star in a travel show on the Matador Network after a decade-long career as a travel vlogger.

But his mission is about more than just being on the big screen.  He’s an extremely positive influencer who has always an uplifting message behind each photo and vlog.

“With positive as my tool, I’m changing the negative stereotypes that some people have about black men,” Philwaukee shared with TSR.

Originally from Milwaukee, the YouTuber refused to become a statistic in a city located in “the most incarcerated zip code in the USA.”  Not only is he influencing others in his neighborhood to do the same but he’s made an impact on foreign communities as well.  Philwaukee makes sure that viewers are “Philling the culture” right alongside him to teach others that traveling isn’t about the souvenirs purchased or instaworthy photos.  It’s about connecting with people and immersing in new cultures.

Despite his passport containing more stamps then one could normally fit, he never forgets his roots and he’s constantly expressing gratitude for his many blessings.

Check out a snippet from Philwaukee’s show “Phil Good Travel” on the Matador Network below!


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