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Watch David Dobrik’s Hilarious ‘Invisible’ Prank On His Friends Little Brother!

David Dobrik outdid himself with his latest prank where he convinces his friend’s little brother Vardon that he’s invisible!

Torturing younger siblings is a rite of passage but never has it been done so cleverly.  David used the help of friends and family to convince his friends little brother Vardon that Vardon himself was invisible.  David’s friend puts a sheet over Vardon and recites a magical spell.  Once he lifts the sheet everyone in the room screams in horror as they pretend they can no longer see Varden.

Of course Vardon is scared AF and starts crying, screaming and reaching out to prove he’s still there.  Just when you thought the prank was over David had another trick up his sleeve to keep it going.

The prank has since gone viral and even though David isn’t the first to do it we are sure a lot more people will be attempting the ‘invisible’ prank after this!

Have you tried this prank on your little siblings?!  Share them with us on social media using our hashtag #TrendingAllDay!



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