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Watch ‘Hacking High School’ If You’re Not Already Spring Break AF

Go90 is hoping you aren’t off on an exotic Spring Break destination tanning and forgetting that high school even exists. If you’re like us, and you are busy watching internet content, we appreciate their curated Spring Break playlist.

A cornerstone of that playlist is Rebecca Black’s Hacking High School. Black hosts the show and internet personalities join in to try to help you get through major high school awkwardness, and the don’t skirt around sensitive issues. Check out this clip from the show to see how to hack getting your period when class is right around the corner with Alex Demartino. 

The show also addresses how not to be a basic bitch, how to survive a first kiss, and randomly offers dance tips. Black’s hosting style is like an overly enthusiastic teacher offering tips with a does of humor and slight self-deprecation. Ever since Black’s “Friday” we’ve always thought it’s way more fun to like that hate on Black, and this show offers a lot to like.

This show is definitely female-skewed and high school skewed, but if you’re a chick in high school we think you’ll dig it, especially if your not in Panama beach in a bikini, because seriously who does that anymore? New episodes drop once a week, and the first two are up now. This show is indeed FUN, FUN, FUN.


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