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If You Watch One Thing Today, It Should Be This Eminem Video

It’s 2017, the world is on fire, but Eminem just came out straight swinging while ripping Trump to shreds in a rap that is so perfect, it feels weak to even try and describe it.

Last night during the BET Hip Hop Awards, Eminem dropped a freestyle rap titled The Storm that was all about how fucked up Trump is, and the world imploded over the iconic rapper’s words.

Like we said, The Storm truly is so amazing that we don’t even want to try and explain it. Music is always something that you just need to listen to and anything we write about it will pale in comparison to the effect of actually just hitting play.

What we will say though is that the importance of what Eminem hits upon cannot be lost.

Whether it’s talking about the distractions that Trump manifests by screaming on Twitter about the NFL, or that’s he’s doing nothing about Puerto Rico and our lack of gun control that keeps leading way to massacres and tragedies, we need everyone we can get to keep speaking the honest truth about the state of the world right now.

We’re in strange times. The Storm, if anything, should at least be a reminder for people to never stop resisting against injustice, racism, inequality and all out evil.

Throughout his career, Eminem has had all types of controversy surround him, but he’s seemed to at least remain self aware, as well as brutally honest in his own opinions, no matter what they are. His frankness about politics, in particular, is something that we hope never stops remaining a prevalent part of who he is as an artist.

Trump’s presidency will go down in history (if the world doesn’t end before then) and just like history has already shown us with other counter-movements, we are in the midst of one of the most important ones right now. We can enact change through art that will not only have an effect, but will be remembered.

We can’t move backwards, we have to go forwards.

Check out Eminem’s The Storm, currently trending number one on YouTube, down below.


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