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Watch Our Exclusive Look At Juhahn Jones’ The Juice BTS & Launch Party!

Juhahn Jones is Juicy Larry in his new film ‘The Juice’ where Juicy steps out of social media and into his own movie!

With 1.6 million followers on Instagram Juhahn went from Vine to taking over the entire digital world. His character Juicy Larry, based on a 1980’s jerry curl cool guy has been dominating views and likes for a while now. Juhahn finally decided Juicy needed more time to explain what the juice is going on with his perfect curls and smooth papi lifestyle.

Our girl Denise Rodriguez takes our Trending fam to the movie premiere of ‘The Juice’ where she talks to social media stars Liane V and her boo Don Benjamin. Dressed in an Adidas jogging suit and Liane in a pink suit and bamboo earrings these two show their excitement and support to their friend Juhahn. Also there to support Juicy Larry is Destorm Power and girlfriend Janina; “Juhahn Jones has been a friend for a long time, we always support whatever he does so we always come out,” says Destorm. When asked if they had a Juice what would they call it, Power immediately answers; “The Zeus Juice!”

Actor Kel Mitchell also comes out to support his friend whom he says he met by liking his videos on social media. Other stars who showed up and showed out in their acid wash jeans were Taylor Stevens, Courtney Mitchell and Brittney Guzman. Alex Thomas plays Juicy Larry’s nemesis in the movie supporting the “fros” as Juicy fights for the “juice’ to keep his curls luscious. Lastly, the star of the film Juhahn himself stops by to describe the film as “hilariousness, it’s funny and this right here is about to be a classic, were coming for the next classic on the level of ‘Coming to America’,” says an excited and proud Jones.

Watch the behind the scenes footage exclusively on Trending All Day and check out the “juicified” film where Juicy Larry and his curls start a revolution. Will you be watching ‘The Juice’ trending fam?


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