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Watch The Cast Of “Kids React” Meet Musical Artist Poppy For The First Time

After getting a glimpse of Poppy through their computer screens, the cast of “Kids React” finally got the chance to meet Poppy in person.

If you’re familiar with eccentric artist Poppy then you’re well aware of the reactions she elicits from adults.  It turns out she has the same effect on children.  The cast of “Kids React” was equally terrified and starstruck when they met the pop singer for the first time.  After being asked to tear down a sheet that was covering Poppy and the glass case she was standing in, a few of the children freaked out.

“Oh crap, I knew this was going to happen one day or another,” remarked 10-year-old Dominick.  10-year-old Madison even broke out in tears while another child screamed “Oh my god” repeatedly while running away.  Poppy tried to connect with Lucas by placing her hand up to the box and he immediately retreated stating, “oh no, if she’s… uh uh, I’m leaving the room if she does that again!”

Once the cast settled down, they had a couple of questions for the enigmatic YouTube persona.  11-year-old Sydney wanted to know if the rumors surrounding whether or not Poppy is a robot are true, ultimately coming to the conclusion that she is “not a human. She’s not a human, she just admitted it. It’s confirmed!”

After getting to know each other a little better, Poppy asked each of the kids if they wanted to get in the box with her. Press play on the video above to see who was brave enough to step into the glass box with Poppy!


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