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Weird Subreddit Of The Week: Thalassophobia

The Thalassophobia subreddit is for people who have a serious fear of the sea. They’re covering sea creatures, sea depths, seawater, anything “sea” related.

Everyone can probably agree the ocean can be terrifying. It has laid claim to The Titanic, countless monster myths, sharks with big teeth, and stranded Gillian on an island. In our first ever subreddit examination, we are diving (wink wink, see what we did there?) into what makes this subreddit great.

Let’s jump right into the deep end for the best posts on the sub:

1. Cruise ship cabin during a storm: One of the top posts went up only 12 days ago and features a cruise ship during a storm. Why is that guy laughing? This is a nightmare. Redditor Asdfghqw8 pointed out, “just imagine our ancestors crossing the ocean in small wooden ships smaller than these waves.”

2. Always look before jumping: This girl just wants to swim, good thing someone stopped her before she became shark food. “Swimming where you’re fishing is crazy. Let’s put food in the water to attract predators! Now let’s swim next to the food” said Redditor Dhalphir.

Always look before jumping in the ocean.

3. This harbor is pretty deep: We thought we were safe from Moby Dick while standing on a dock. Think again! Is this whale is looking for dinner? Hopefully it remembers Human isn’t on the menu.

…and then this happens

4. Diver freaks out: And you thought panic attacks on land were scary. Even ocean pros get spooked when they realize the darkness of the deep sea is enveloping them. Redditor King-Mcbeth made the poignant comment, “it’s amazing what kind of things the body will do in moments of pure panic….LET ME RIP OFF MY OXYGEN MASK UNDERWATER, THE ONLY THING KEEPING ME ALIVE.”

diver has panic attack.

5. Taken with a GoPro and waterproof flashlight: The creatures of the ocean see you, but you don’t even know it. If you take one wrong step, you might end up without a foot.

Taken with a gopro and a waterproof flashlight

6. Anxiety Simulator: For when you’re afraid of the ocean and tight places. Redditor Bruschette imagines what the thought process of the swimmer was: “I’ll just dive through this little tube here and prank my dad by resurfacing over there! Hmm, this tube is longer than I thought it was. I’ll just go this way. Still going, maybe I can turn around if I just… no too narrow. I’ll keep going. It’s getting narrower…”

Anxiety Simulator 2016

7. Clever Girl: Guys, that cage isn’t going to help you. An anonymous comment on this post shines above the rest: “Excuse me, do you have any time to spare for our Lord and savior Poseidon?”

The Decoy

8. The Kracken: WTF. Seriously. People on the Reddit thread claim it’s some kind of manta ray or black ray, but we have our doubts. This looks like a yet-to-be-identified baby sea monster to us. It’s probably poisonous too so someone should really step up and save that kid’s life.

come here lil buddy

9. Diving with a UV light: Like a dirty Vegas hotel room, sometime you just don’t want to see what’s really there. If they’d just get a longer extension cord maybe we could see what in living way down there. And by “we”, we mean someone else, just film it for us.

Diving at night with UV manta rays

10. Enormous whale ascending from the abyss: Last but not least, a reminder of just how small and slow we humans are. “This is me at wedding buffets,” Redditor LordDinglebury said.

Huge whale ascending from the abyss

Who knows what else lies under the surface. We’ve explored only 5% of our waters so far, according to the National Ocean Service and as that number goes up, we are pretty confident /r/Thalassophobia will have more nightmares up their sleeves.

Have a favorite subreddit that deserves some love? Throw them in the comments below!


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