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WeRateDogs Just Destroyed Us With Their New Video

Alright guys well we just HANDS DOWN found the best compilation video of 2017 yet.

WeRateDogs had the audacity to put together a look back video featuring some of the greatest dogs from 2017 and we quite literally burst into tears while watching it.

As far as an Achilles heel goes, dogs are, by far, our biggest one. Honestly, they’re probably that for most people, but we’re happy to know that Jordan Doww is also crying while watching this video, because we suddenly feel more connected to him.

Sobbing is an accurate response to so much goodness in such a short amount of time. In the shit storm that was 2017, we want to only remember the good parts, and the good parts all had to do with dogs.

In the coming year, if humans could manage to care about each other even a fraction of the amount that a dog does, then things will be looking up for sure. So let’s hope that 2018 is filled with more adoptions, less homeless puppers, a whole lot more kindness.


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