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Westboro Baptist Church Accidentally Promotes Gay Rap Album

Elijah Daniel, aka Lil’ Phag, just successfully trolled one of the most well known anti-gay extremist groups completely by accident!

The Westboro Baptist Church is a hate group famous for their rampant xenophobia, antisemitism and homophobia. Some of their repulsive antics include picketing the funerals of members of the LGBTQ+ community with signs that read “God Hates F—s.” Their website bears the same ridiculous title. Many have parodied the group including popular Youtube comedian and rapper Elijah Daniel. He promoted his new album “God Hates Lil’ Phag” via Twitter with download links. Westboro Baptist Church retweeted Elijah thinking the album was full of songs sharing their same views.

The social media backlash was swift! Fans of Elijah bombarded the churches Twitter to point out they had unknowingly promoted an “extremely gay album by an extremely gay artist.”

Elijah responded to the free promotion by setting them straight on the true meaning behind the album. “no sweetie im not helping ur message I’m fully making fun of you,” tweeted Elijah.

Westboro removed the tweet but not before #WestboroLovesPhags made it to the top of the trending hashtag list. They attempted to do damage control hours later but to no avail. Pastor Elijah Daniel had one last request for the congregation of Lil’ Phag Church. That they keep the hashtag trending all day!

Let this be a warning to those of you with Twitter fingers, make sure you carefully research before pressing retweet! (Unless of course, you’re an extremist hate group then you should just press retweet so the Twitterverse can collectively drag you..again!)


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