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Westboro Baptist Church Actually Protested Elijah Daniel’s Concert!

Westboro Baptist Church outdid themselves on Sunday when they showed up to picket Elijah Daniel’s concert.

Trending All Day reported on the original ridiculous threat Westboro Baptist Church posted to their Twitter.  Well, they actually came through!  Instead of making a fuss and calling security Elijah Daniel aka Lil’ Phag had the absolute best reaction.  He made out with his tour mate Dr. Woke right in front of the angry protesters!

The kiss was definitely a slap in the face but it wasn’t even the best part.  Elijah’s fans roll way deeper than any hate group and they showed up to support and defend him.  That definitely pissed the church off and they had a few words for Elijah and his fans.

Of course Elijah continued to troll Westboro on Twitter.  He noted how the religious organization skipped the holiest day of the week to attend an event headlined by a “sodomite.”

Although the group has disgusting views and regularly spews hate speech I think they are truly closet fans of Lil’ Phag’s.  Not only have they retweeted Elijah’s jabs and fans mocking them but they’re bragging about how much views they’ve gotten since the protest!  They even retweeted a fan petitioning for Elijah to perform at Westboro Baptist Church.

Seems like a clear case of clout chasing.  This will definitely go down as one of the strangest feuds in history.

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