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We’ve Got The Exclusive Sneak Peek At Maejor’s New ‘Vibrations’ Video!

There’s only one way that we like to kick off the new week, and that’s with some damn good music.

Grammy nominated record producer, rapper, singer and all around artist, Maejor, just gave us the exclusive look at his new music video for Vibrations. If it’s going to be anything like the teasers we’ve got down below for you, then we expect the full video to be sick AF.

“The song and EP are called Vibrations, because everything that exists in this universe is a product of vibration.”

Everyone can breathe a collectively sigh of relief because 2018 will bring more music from Maejor, who already has carved a clear and successful path for himself within the industry. Having worked with names like Justin Bieber, Drake and Martin Garrix, it’s safe to say that we continue to expect to see incredible things come from him.

The music video release is set to close out the Vibrations EP chapter, but with new music around the corner, we’re ready for what’s next.

“I am inspired most, musically, by innovative and original ideas. I love stepping out of the trend and merging styles that aren’t often used together – music has power to unite people of different ages, faiths, races and nationalities – and it’s invisible!”

Talk about the right way to think about things. We couldn’t agree more about the power that music holds. Especially in such turbulent times, it’s never been so important to utilize art to unite people.

But Maejor isn’t just about music, he’s also deep in the fashion world, and won a Fashion Pioneer award at Qingdao City’s Fashion Celebrity Global Summit in China this year.

“Fashion and music are both avenues of expression – I apply the same merging of styles to fashion – our only limits are the ones we set for our selves.”

Damn, let that last sentence sink in for a second or two, because he’s right.

Make sure you check out the teasers for Maejor’s Vibrations video down below, and keep an eye out for the full release as well as new music in the coming year.



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