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We’ve Got A Hot New Episode Of TAD Radio For You!

What’s up guys, we hope that this Thursday is treating you well and not just being a total cock-tease for the weekend.

No matter which way it’s playing out for you, we’re about to make it a lot better because we have the second episode of TAD Radio dropping right now, and it’s full of everything you want out of life. Good music, good people and better alcohol.

Jessica Lesaca and Juhahn Jones both joined us in the studio this time around and we learned that everyone was shockingly good at playing both ‘never have I ever’ and ‘two truths and a lie’.

Actually, we don’t know how someone can be good at never have I ever, but it really just depends on what your definition of winning is…if you’re out first or out last. Hint hint, one of them means you’ve probably had more fun.

We guess you’ll just have to listen to find out who was the last person standing though, so go ahead and give our most recent TAD Radio a listen, brought to you by Dash Radio.


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