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What Your Favorite Influencers Were Up to On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is either a day of fun, sweet, love or miserable, lonely thoughts. All of that sounds like the perfect formula for a great influencer video or post, right? And of course, we weren’t let down.

In case you were caught up in your own love story or lack-thereof yesterday, and you’re a little Valentine’s Day hungover today… here’s how your favorites online celebrated the loves in their lives:

Adam WThe “I love myself” Valentine

Adam made us all LOL, as he usually always does, when he celebrated the holiday of love with the person he loves the most…himself.

Liane V–  “I love my whole family and boyfriend” Valentine’s Day celebration.

Liane made several Valentine’s Day posts and videos to celebrate her relationship with boyfriend, and fellow influencer, itsdonbenjamin, including a sexy couple photo shoot and clip posted on their mutual page and makeup giveaway contest video.

King Bach – Chilling with my boys Valentine

King Bach didn’t spend his day of love with a lucky girl (if he did he kept it on the DL and offline) but instead with singer Jackson Wang, who is a part of the Korean boy group, Got7. It looks like the guys had a blast together together showing how important brotherly love really is. Did we mention King Bach also dropped his song “Say Daddy”?

Lele Pons– Using this holiday to make some money Valentine

This beauty used her social media platform and Valentine’s Day to promote, promote, promote and spread some love to her fans at the same time. The singer posted a telephone number online and told her followers to call it to get a sweet message from her which played a clip of her upcoming new song.

Zach King– The OG dad, husband, jokester Valentine

The funny guy got serious and real when he posted his Valentine’s Day message this year. But it didn’t go down without his infamous humor. The clip he posted was a V-Day spoof with his wife that ended with him having to change a poopie diaper, taking “love stinks” to a whole new level!


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