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What’s With The Rumors About Jake Paul And Herpes?

You may been seeing rumors coming out about Jake Paul being treated for herpes.

It started when a YouTuber Samizzle Frizzly ventured into the old Team 10 house (they had already moved out, but the vlogger found it unlocked with garbage left throughout…. looks like the landlord needs to order cleaning services.) The original video of the house walk through has been taken down, but Scare ripped a copy before it was removed, and you can watch the clip on his latest video.

In the video, the vlogger finds a bottle of valacyclovir in Jake’s bathroom. That’s a medicine used to treat herpes. Now, we don’t know if this was Jake’s pill bottle, or if someone left it behind, or if we should buy into any of the 100 other possible (but increasingly unlikely) reasons for this medicine being in his bathroom. But Twitter is finding it very suspect.

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  1. Oisin says:

    Lol Jake Paul is herpes.

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