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Whleli’s Instagram Just Got Hacked And It’s Looking Crazy!

Instagram comedian and friend of the Trending fam Whleli (Leli Hernandez) just had her account hacked!

As of writing this, the group of people behind the hack seem to be @faultyalex, @grade, and @brade and they are seeking followers. They have taken over her entire page and are posting DMs sent between herself and influencers such as King Bach and Klarity.

Follow @Grade and we will return the account in 1 hour

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The hackers have previously taken over other influencer’s accounts and held them for ransom, including currently Lil Dee Dee‘s account.

The guys behind this seem to be holding more information as they wait for more follows on their Snapchat and Instagram and promise to return the account to Leli in an hour if the follows happen which at this point has come and passed with no update from their demands. We hope Leli is able to squash this and regain access to her account quickly!