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Why It May Be Better If You’re a Micro-Influencer

Just because an online influencer is credible on one subject and has a large following doesn’t mean that their opinion about everything matters. While a large audience certainly helps, the key to being a successful YouTube personality is having influence.

What exactly makes one an influencer? The ability to change people’s perception of a brand or elicit a desired response, if you want to be technical, that is. Follower numbers don’t really matter as much as you think they do.

Check out the micro-influencers. Truth is, you probably already do.

A micro-influencer is a person with a smaller online following, but with a high level of trust and authority with a highly engaged, niche audience. You’ll find a few different micro-influencer definitions in terms of specific follower counts but most simply define a micro-influencer as someone with less than 100,000 followers.

The bottom line is that a micro-influencer hasn’t gained hundreds of thousands (or millions) of social media followers, yet they have immense credibility with their audience, what some would consider an even bigger score than subscriptions.

As mentioned, micro-influencers have fewer followers compared to traditional influencers. But because they often have very dedicated, niche audiences, their followers are often more engaged. In fact, a survey conducted by the influencer marketing platform, Markerly, found that on Instagram as the number of followers increases, the like rate continues to decrease.

Micro-influencers are everyday people like you and me. They might be experts in a particular topic or have a strong interest in a subject, and they’re credible and believable, which spreads a sense trust among their followers. Unlike traditional influencers, most micro-influencers don’t rely on “being a YouTuber” as the sole source of their income, meaning they’re less likely to have a social media feed packed with sponsored posts, with the occasional authentic post mixed in. Instead, their posts are most often genuine, and even many of their past posts about brands or products were authentic, not paid for.

And that’s precisely the magic of micro-influencer marketing. You could pay top dollar for a world-recognized celebrity to post about your brand, but 95% of their followers might not match your target audience. If they have no interest in your niche, it’s not worth reaching them. Micro-influencers are worth investing in because they could reach out to your niche audience.


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