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Why Joey Graceffa Thinks YouTube Is Officially In A Dark Place

Joey Graceffa is turned off by what his virtual home away from home has become, and claims YouTube has been replaced by a dark place.

The 27-year-old, who has almost nine million subscribers on his main channel, blames increased anger and fear in the world for the shift.

The vlogger believes the algorithm on YouTube favors “negative energy”, with people focusing on cancel culture, where controversial comments or activities from a person’s past are dug up.

“The direction it’s in right now, I don’t personally agree with the types of videos and content that does well,” Graceffa explained in a recent interview with Irish publication Independent.

“I definitely think there was a golden age of YouTube but currently now it’s a bit of the dark times, and hopefully we’ll get out of that soon.”

Joey said he feels like people want to see others fail, turning the platform into a scary place.

He also argued that more support is needed in order for popular YouTubers to deal with the pressures of the new type of celebrity, online fame.

“People will literally be targeted and get non-stop harassment and I honestly don’t think there’s anything anyone can do,” he went on.

“It’s just a mob mentality that people fall into, where if someone has a narrative of someone and people want to believe that narrative, there’s no talking sense into anyone – there’s no getting anything across, people have what they have in their minds and all it takes, I guess, is time for that to go away.”

Despite the issues, the influencer still has a good time on the site and has no intention of retiring.

“If I go a week without posting – which is very rare – I always deeply miss YouTube and the connection that I have with my audience,” he said.

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