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Will Jash Acquisition Make Its Content Less Weird?

 Jash, which was originally conceived as a comedy collective of Sarah SilvermanTim HeideckerEric Wareheim, the actor Michael Cera, and musician Reggie Watts. Now Jash will be run by Group Nine Media, and we just hope they keep it weird. If you’ve never watched Jash, check out their latest series Basic Witch. Every episode gets a little too real and makes us giggle.

But, what we really hope more than anything else is that Jash keeps making very, very strange short films. Nowhere else on the web can you watch Michael Cera direct and star in productions that come from his incredibly strange brain (don’t worry Cera, that’s a compliment.)

Based on the news we are hearing about the merger, Jash may be making a whole lot more branded content. We’re all good with that if the branded keeps supporting the creative.


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