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Will Smith Challenges Liza Koshy To A Hydrofoil Surfing Competition!

Ever since legendary actor Will Smith became a YouTuber we’ve been living vicariously through his adventurous life, but now he’s challenging others to come along for the ride.

Will Smith doesn’t seem like the type of person to have many regrets but his latest vlog where he challenges Liza Koshy to a hydrofoil surfing competition may be his first!  Will and Liza are down in Miami for an epic surfing battle but the only problem is Will has zero experience with the sport.

The two YouTubers are sailing on a boat with friends in tow as they nervously prepare by watching the safety video.  Of course, we get a few envy-inducing shots of the beautiful city and the mini-yacht before the real action starts.  Will has a couple of slips and falls before finally getting the hang of it but Liza has some words of wisdom for him.

“Here’s a life lesson: Get back up and try again. Right, that’s what Will’s doing!”

Once it’s Liza’s turn to tackle the sport she handles it like a pro, much to Will’s dismay.

“I bring her out here to have fun.  I figure I put her on a boat.  She ain’t never been to Miami.  She stands up on the first run.  She didn’t see me fall seven times.”

Of course, it was all just jokes and Will and company cheered Liza on as she did a fantastic job on her first time trying hydrofoil surfing.

Press play above and hit us up @Trend All Day to let us know if you’d try Hydrofoil Surfing?!


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