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Will Smith Is Celebrating His 50th Birthday Bungee Jumping Out Of A Helicopter Live On YouTube!

Will Smith turns 50-years-old today on September 25th and he’s celebrating his birthday in the most amazing way!

The former Fresh Prince of Bel Air is doing it big willie style this year by celebrating his birthday bungee jumping out of a helicopter live on YouTube.  This isn’t the first time the actor has done this stunt before.  He caught his last jump in Zimbabwe on camera but he’ll be switching a few things up this time.  Today he’ll be bungee jumping from a helicopter into the Grand Canyon all thanks to travel experts Yes Theory!  Yep, the band of mischiefs got Will Smith to accept their challenge request they uploaded to their channel.

A man’s word is his bond so Will is definitely coming through on that promise. And you can have a front row seat to this epic adventure by tuning in right here. but the show doesn’t go live until 2:45 pm PST.

While you wait you should definitely check out Will’s other YouTube videos.  He’s got cameo’s from his son Jaden and Lilly Singh, envy educing travel vlogs and some throwback videos for the 90s baby in all of us.

Thanks for inspiring us and providing amazing content and music for decades, Happy Birthday Will Smith!



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