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Will Smith Reveals The Truth About Being Famous In His New “Ask Uncle Will” YouTube Series

“Uncle Will” is sharing everything you ever wanted to know about the positive and negative effects of fame on YouTube.

Imagine having Will Smith as an uncle who you could randomly dial-up for some advice?  You no longer have to wonder after he debuted his latest series “Ask Uncle Will” on his YouTube channel.  Will dropped some gems after being asked a thought-provoking question by his friend Scoty’s daughter, Sekai.

“Would you rather have a normal life or the life you have now?” 

Will seemed genuinely stunned and admitted that it was an intense question but luckily for Sekai, he promised she could ask him anything!  After taking some time to think about his response, Will answers over a montage of screaming fans, career highlights, and performances.

“The life that I have now is the life that I’ve always dreamed about.  I’ve built and struggled and fought to have it be just like it is.  I love being famous!”  He goes on to say, “I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.  I love being me.”

Although the A-list actor, rapper, and YouTuber is exactly where he would like to be career-wise, he gets candid about the not so sweet aspects of fame.

“I get sued probably 15 times a year.  I have lawyers on a monthly retainer just because you get sued so much,” shares Will.

Press play above to hear Will Smith share his dreams upon arriving in Los Angeles, talk about why it’s safer to be famous, and of course other downsides to being famous.


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