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Will Smith Shares 1st Full Aladdin Trailer On Instagram

Calling all Disney and Will Smith fans, the official Aladdin trailer is here!

As we all know this trailer has been highly anticipated especially after the teaser that dropped not too long ago, which sent fans into a frenzy. Idk about you guys but I think they won some credit back with the drop of this one.

Now I know there were some haters out there about the blue Will Smith but I have to say after seeing this trailer, I’m all for it!

The plot of the films seems to follow the same storyline of the animated original. However Director Guy Ritchie and writer John August have shared that the movie will still be an “ambitious and non-traditional” take on the original story.

Check out what some of the fans are saying below –Β 

What do we think fam?! Let us know in the comments below and catch Aladdin premiering on May 24th.Β 


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