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The Women’s March, PewDiePie Hits A Big Milestone & More

Good morning Fam! We’ve got a jam packed “Influencers Only” for you today, January 22nd, full of all the Influencer News you just gotta hear about.

The Women’s March was this past weekend, and a flood of people came out in support. Noticeably, were Influencers Lilly Singh, Anna Akana and Nicol Concilio, who were all in the crowd showing their support.

PewDiePie just hit another insane milestone on his YouTube account and managed to reach 60 million subscribers. Keep on hustling Felix, cause there’s clearly no stopping you.

Rooster Teeth just dropped a new teaser focusing on one of their new series, gen:LOCK. That’s not all they’ve got going on though because they have a second series coming out called Nomad Of Nowhere.

Say it ain’t so– is Elijah Daniel really gonna give us Lil Phag’s debut album? Supposedly February 28th is the day, so be on the lookout everywhere.

TBHits just threw an epic cookout, and even though it’s only January, all your fave were there including Wuz Good, DeStorm and a bunch of others. High key wish we were there dancing and shooting hoops too.


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