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‘Worst Shift Ever’ Is Animated ‘Master Chef’ On Crack!

Look, some really terrible things happen to chefs. It’s not all glitz and glamour. ‘Worst Shift Ever’ highlights the mayhem and mishaps we don’t see in a chef’s kitchen, and, spoiler alert, it’s really entertaining.

Featuring various chefs from around the country, each new installment sees a culinary expert sharing their hilarious or horrific (but always somehow relatable) tales of a shift-gone-bad.

In each episode, a new chef narrates and illustrator Cole Ott creates the visuals. Another spoiler alert, these chefs admittedly usually got into hot water because of their egos. There’s nothing like the open flame of your fire, or some intimidating expensive ingredients to keep you in check.

We love the open honesty of this show and we give it nine out of ten very good eggs.


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