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YouTube Vlogger Xsparkage Faces Off With The Evie Beauty Blender!

Leesha, know as Xsparkage on her YouTube channel, recently purchased an Evie Beauty Blender sponge to try out and review on her channel. During the review and trial, Leesha found out she was not a fan of the product, and was candid with her audience on those less-than-positive feelings.

After her review video was posted, a comment appeared on her video stating she used the product incorrectly. Leesha took that criticism to heart, and watched some tutorial videos demonstrating how to correctly use the blender. She then filmed a second review of the product.

While in the middle of editing this follow up video, Leesha was alerted to the fact that Angie Johnson, CEO of Evie Blender, had posted a (now deleted) video on Instagram where she not-so-subtly calls out Leesha for using the product incorrectly resulting in Leesha leaving a negative review because she didn’t know how to use the product.

Then the Evie Blender brand made more pointed critical remarks toward what could only assume to be Leesha across social media. When Leesha called them out on their comments, they sent her a cease and desist email.

Leesha took to YouTube to explain the situation of the brand drama in more detail, and comment on the cease and desist letter that Evie Blender sent her. You’ll want to see the whole 22-minute video and judge for yourself:

The beauty company faced backlash for the attacks and as a result, ended up publicly apologizing directly to Leesha and promised they are taking actions to remedy the situation.


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