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Yes Theory Trolls The World With Justin Bieber Burrito Prank!

Popular YouTubers Yes Theory tapped Justin Bieber lookalike Brad Sousa for their latest prank.

Yes Theory didn’t intend to shine a light on the sad reality that the term news now applies to stories of a celeb like Justin Bieber eating a burrito middle part first on a park bench but they did.  Various news organizations reported on what they thought was the 24-year-old singer eating the popular Mexican meal like a maniac.  One online publication even recreated the original video to see if eating a burrito sideways made the experience any better.  Of course, social media had a field day with the pictures as well only to learn a few days later that it was all a hoax.

Yes Theory is a group of creative influencers who have been making headlines most recently for their challenge video directed at Will Smith which the actor accepted.  Somehow they found a way to keep the momentum going with the help of Justin Bieber lookalike, Brad Sousa.  Although the prank was meant to be harmless the guys put a lot of thought into it.

“To get this thing to go viral, we have to have people in the news think it’s real because those are the people who are gonna spread it,” Yes Theory member Thomas Brag says in the video.

The video Yes Theory uploaded to YouTube details the whole stunt from beginning to end.  Press play above and hit us up on social media @Trend All Day to let us know if you fell for Yes Theory’s Justin Bieber Burrito prank!

Check out social media’s reaction to finding out it was a hoax.


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