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Yikes! Influencers Everywhere Hate The New Snapchat Update

About a month ago we wrote about the negative feedback Snapchat was being bombarded with over their massive update, but at the time, it was only rolling out in the UK, Canada and Australia.

Not anymore.

Despite users literally telling the app to not continue the update for the US, they decided to anyways and so far everyone hates it.

We’ll admit that any sort of app update is usually immediately met with apprehension before we all get over it and move on, but this one is so massively different and unnecessary, that we’re starting to wonder if it’s the final nail in Snapchat’s coffin.

Influencers have, so far, unanimously Tweeted out their hatred for the new update– even ones who, normally, we wouldn’t expect to comment on it.

Damn, it seems like this might be the last straw for a lot of people, and we wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing a surge in Instagram stories very soon.

Shape up Snapchat, cause you’re starting to look more and more like a sinking ship.


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