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Yikes!! Kristen Hancher Just Accidentally Live Streamed Herself Having Sex

Looks like Instagram Live just backfired for Kristen Hancher and her boyfriend, Andrew Gregory who just accidentally streamed themselves having sex.

In all fairness, this could have been WAY worse because all that managed to go live on Kristen’s account was audio, not actual footage.

Still, we can only imagine the panic that seared through her the moment she realized a stunning 14,000 people were watching.

Kristen managed to catch the feed after only 3 minutes (both a lifetime and a fleeting moment when it comes to sex) before quickly ending the livestream.

shit happens, you have to move on and keep smiling. Love you guys so much

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The Instagram and Musical.ly star seems to be handling the situation pretty well and it looking at it in the best possible way, which is that shit happens.

We agree, however for all future sexcapades, we suggest she be a little more mindful about how in reach her social media accounts are to her. Considering all things, this situation wasn’t too bad and we wouldn’t want her to accidentally go live again in a more damaging way.


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