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You’ll Never Guess How Shawn Mendes Stood Up For A Fan!

Ever loyal to his fans, Shawn Mendes once again showed he is a stand up guy when one fan clearly needed him.

According to JustJaredJr, Shawn discovered a fan’s Twitter account had been hacked when a user by the name @shawnmcr posted that they had hacked another Twitter user’s account that was clearly a fan of the kind-hearted singer.

Shawn responded with bragging tweet, requesting the hacker return the account:

The hacker became shook when Shawn paid them attention, responding with their own flurry of tweets before Shawn rightfully blocked them to discourage this behavior.

Now, according to the hacker, he has returned the hacked account and Shawn has unblocked him. Maybe they worked something out?

We are glad Shawn stepped in to show hacking isn’t cool and no one deserves that kind of invasion of privacy. Way to go, Shawn.👏