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Yousef Erakat & Roman Atwood Really Care About Their Fans

Sometimes we don’t realize the difference we make in other peoples lives, but Roman Atwood and Yousef Erakat just received a touching reminder of exactly that fact.

Today on Twitter, Yousef, aka Fousey, tweeted out a screenshot he took from a fans Instagram account that recounted just how much Yousef and Roman had helped him through hard times.

The photo caption talked about how this particular fan, Josh Smith, struggled to get through the anniversary of his aunt’s death, but that by seeing Roman and Fousey live, he managed to get through the hardship of that particular day.

Josh’s Instagram is also filled with fan art spanning not just his favorite YouTubers, but a wide variety of actors and musicians as well.

@romanatwood thank you so much for tweeting me about this drawing ❤️

A post shared by Josh Smith 🔵 (@joshsmithactor) on

We think it’s really awesome that Fousey and Roman take the time to respond to fans like Josh. Like we said, the impact that we can have on other peoples lives is wild, half the time we might not even realize it, but when given the opportunity to acknowledge that connection, it’s pretty damn cool