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Is YouTube Blocking Fundraising Efforts For Las Vegas Victims?

A couple of days ago Casey Neistat uploaded a video where he told all his followers that every cent from that video would be going to relief efforts for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Since he posted it, it has already passed 1 million views!

This would normally be a high earning video for a YouTuber with as many followers as Casey, however today he posted a screen shot of a message he got on his channel saying the video was not suitable for advertisers! Obviously mad about it, he tweeted YouTube and their response was less than helpful

Then Phil DeFranco stepped in with the receipts that show that YouTube was being super shady! Phil’s tweet shows Casey’s tweet and YouTube’s response next to a screenshot of Jimmy Kimmel‘s video on the same topic with an ad clearly running before it!

YouTube has yet to respond to Phil’s tweet and they probably won’t. You would think that YouTube would want to help it’s established creators do some good in the world with their platform. Luckily Casey has still been able to raise funds using a GoFundMe which he says has already raised over $250,000!!

We are with you Casey! Keep doing good in the World, we need people like you!



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