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This YouTube Channel Reimagines Your Fave Influencers And Movies

The power of editing is sometimes lost on people, but the moment it’s utilized to change the feel of something we know and love, it suddenly becomes glaringly aware of just how important it is.

One of our new favorite YouTube channels, Editing Is Everything, is doing a stellar job at proving just how important an editor and their choices really are.

Her most recent display of editing gold is her reimagining of High School Musical in 7 different genres, and it’s almost alarming how easily she twisted the film from a rom com into a horror movie.

We’ve been obsessively watching all of her videos, and have put our favorite picks down below for you guys to also marvel at.

Get ready to be wildly amazed.

1. High School Musical

2. Melanie Martinez

3. Scream

4. Ryan Higa

5. Lilly Singh

6. Bridge To Terabithia

7. Twenty One Pilots