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YouTube Couple Jaelin and Brianna White Launch Clothing Line

Young married YouTube couple Jaelin and Brianna White have launched a new line of clothing.

The line, called 4Amor, officially dropped yesterday. They’ve got a limited amount of each item available so if you’re loving it you’ll want to act fast. Most apparel features old english font with the words “amor” or the religion phrase “We plan God laughs.” Prices range from $10 tote bag to a $40 hoodie.

About naming the line, Brianna said, “We had been brainstorming ideas for a while, and nothing really felt right. We wanted it to be a word or phrase that connected Jaelin and I. I looked up hundreds, if not thousands of synonyms and words in different languages of words like “love”, “trust”, “passion”, “blessed”, etc… & we kept going back to Amor (which means love in Spanish). We knew that “Amor” as one word was already taken, so we had to add something to it…. We went through a bunch of other options, and then it magically came to us… Jaelin and I got married on 4|4|16 & for those of you who don’t know, my maiden last name is Forsberg (which automatically makes my whole family love the number 4). So we were thinking “Amor44” or “Amor4”, but it still didn’t feel right.. Then I had this eureka moment when I was showering (lol) and decided to put the 4 before amor instead of after! & @shop4amor was born! It’s a name that we hope inspires many people to spread love to others every single day. We are FOR LOVE & never for hate.” Well put, Brianna!

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