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YouTube Gamer MrBean35000vr Found A Crazy Mario Secret!

YouTube’s gaming community is a huge force to be reckoned with. One such gamer who recently made waves is MrBean35000vr. He plays Mario Kart Wii and recently discovered something interesting hidden in the game.

In a video titled Unused/Beta Mission Mode found in Mario Kart Wii!! the YouTuber discovered a hidden button on the Mission Mode screen.

He discovers through some difficulty that by managing to click on the hidden button, you are brought to an incomplete page with more buttons, this time visible but blank. A series of blank buttons eventually brings the player to a selection for automatic or manual drive mode. MrBean placed some code into the game to popular the blank buttons and see what was intended to appear in them, as seen below.

Through continuing to fidget with the code, he was able to gain access to the gameplay mode. One of the modes is “drift” where you get points each time you successfully drift, another mode is for killing enemies with a similar point system. Check out the whole video to see the secret modes in action!