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Youtube Has Officially Lost It…Yikes!

YouTube has recently come under fire for allowed homophobic advertisements on LGBTQ+ content.

The platform has been known for demonetizing videos by queer creators, and this most recent step has rightfully pissed off a lot of people.

Chase Ross, a trans YouTuber from Canada, has been very vocal about the mass demonetization of his videos, and how upsetting it was that when he finally gets to advertise on his channel there are anti-LGBT advertisements playing. He’s not the only YouTuber to deal with this- for a long time, LGBTQ+ creators have been discouraged from creating content on the platform due to perfectly fine videos being demonetized and hidden from suggested videos and searches.

Chase Ross has also performed many experiments to prove that words like “transgender” trigger the algorithm to disable monetization, something that Trevor Moran noticed late last year.

Elijah Daniel called YouTube out when these advertisements played on his channel. YouTube replied that he could fill out a form to stop the adverts appearing, instead of addressing that these hateful advertisements shouldn’t be on YouTube in the first place as they violate policies against discrimination and hate speech.

Obviously, Elijah wasn’t the only person not pleased by YouTube’s response.

The fact that these homophobic ads are playing during Pride Month, which YouTube says they support, has only made creators even more upset. We can think of a million better ways to kick off Pride Month! We love YouTube and we love our LGBTQ+ creators so let’s hope that things get better soon.


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