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YouTube Just Released Their Star Studded 2017 Rewind Video!

YouTube has officially released their ‘YouTube Rewind’ video, which means that this hellish year is finally coming to an end.

Every year, YouTube does a look back at the most viral moments along with everything that encapsulated the theme of the year. Naturally, there are tons of YouTubers who make an appearance this time around, Including Philip DeFranco who, despite being one of the biggest content creators out there, has only ever been featured this year.

The Shape of 2017 video is so much more than just Phil or even the YouTube community though, because the rewind focuses not only on social media and viral content, but on the movements and unity that occurred this year in an effort to offset all of the truly apocalyptic shit that seemed to occur everyday.

Speaking of, we truly hope that everyone in Southern California is staying as safe as they can while these fires continue to rage on.

We could go into more details about what exactly goes down in this YouTube Rewind, but truthfully, it’s better if you just watch for yourself and let Lele Pons and Liza Koshy guide your through the wormhole of 2017. We promise it’s worth it.

Check out the full YouTube Rewind down below, and see if you can spot the one YouTuber who is curiously missing.


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