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These YouTube Stars Are Traveling To India To Help Build Schools!

When you’re part of the YouTube world, there comes a certain responsibility with having such influence on others. Essentially, you become a role model. There’s always someone watching you on YouTube or checking out your Instagram, so why not show them something inspiring?

That’s what Adam Saleh and Slim Albaher decided to do when they embarked on journey to India to help nonprofits build schools. This year, Jérôme Jarre led a coalition that raised millions to support poverty-stricken communities as part of the “Love Army” campaign. Inspired, Saleh and Albaher have posted blogs and a crowdfunding campaign in suppport of Effect.org.

Effect.org is a nonprofit organization that builds schools for underprivileged populations in countries like India.

The two Youtubers visit schools and talk to local students, hoping to promote the cause. Adam and Slim are showing how working for something other than yourself can truly inspire; in recent years, nonprofit organizations have taken on more digital media star power.

PewDiePie raised millions for Save the Children and Charity: Water. It’s an exciting time for influencers to do good.

You can donate to Saleh and Albaher’s campaign by clicking here!

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