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YouTube Is Gonna Start Selling Concert Tickets…

Buying your favorite artists’ concert tickets has never been easier.

Today, YouTube announced a partnership with Ticketmaster and we’ll all get to share in the glory of being able to directly buy concert tickets from the same platform on which we watch their music videos.

Concert tickets as well as tour information will be found directly on artists’ YouTube channels.

In the description boxes we’re so used to ignoring, tour dates will appear with a tickets button that will direct users to Ticketmaster’s website to buy their tickets. You’ll be able to do this on your phone or on your computer, your choice!

Be patient, it’s only live with artists who have Ticketmaster shows in North America, but the plan is obviously to expand. This isn’t Ticketmaster’s only deal either, last year the company merged in with Spotify for ticket sales too.

It’s a smart play for Ticketmaster, using a platform that is known for music discovery and streaming, even if Spotify is running away with the artist-to-fan connection, this can place them pretty evenly. It’s perfect timing too, with YouTube making huge strides in elevating music channels it’s no wonder concerts were the clear choice in fan satisfaction. Who doesn’t like going to concerts?!


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