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The Team 10 vs RiceGum Feud Is Heating Up!

The drama between the YouTube supergroup Team 10 and fellow YouTuber Ricegum has been brewing for awhile. Ricegum even made a parody of Jake Paul’s “Everyday Bro”called “Everynight Sis” that featured Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet:

Ricegum didn’t stop there, he then followed up that video with this one that takes shots at everyone on Team 10:

Team 10 weren’t about to take Ricegum’s disses laying down. Group members Chance and Anthony made a response video, confronting Ricegum and his harsh words:

But everything boiled over yesterday on Twitter because Ricegum took shots at Chance on Twitter:

Chance replied right back:

This little spat between the two prompted another team 10 member, Anthony to get his 2 cents in:

Ricegum clapped back to Anthony’s tweet:

This previous Ricegum tweeted this picture of a couple of the Team 10 members locking lips in one of Jake’s many infamous kissing games with his infamous catch phrase “These kids must be stopped”:

Team 10 COO, Nick Crompton chimed in accusing Ricegum’s last tweet sounding homophobic:

Ricegum responded to the only way Ricegum could:

Ricegum responded to Nick’s tweet by also posting this screenshot of a video:

The video screenshot is a reference to this video by Mick Maio exposing Team 10 and talking about his experience with Nick Crompton specifically (that Nick wanted to sign him to Team 10 but in exchange for sexual favors from Mick):

We are sure we haven’t seen the last barbs from either side of this feud anytime soon. Stay tuned for what the Team 10’s response to Ricegum will be!